Symposium on
Software Engineering in Africa

May 27-28 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden

colocated with ICSE 2018

Gothenburg The Symposium on Software Engineering in Africa (SEiA) is a forum for researchers, innovators, and leading professionals to discuss the state and future of software engineering in Africa. SEiA 2018 has been organized with the purpose of increasing participation of researchers from Africa in international Software Engineering community. The event provides a platform for exchanging ideas on the role of software engineering in socio-economic development of the continent, the future directions of software engineering research and education in Africa, creating networks with the global software engineering community, and sharing exciting results with the global community.
The SEiA 2018 track will include keynote talks from prominent software engineering professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators and researchers; experience and scientific paper presentations; demonstrations; posters; and focussed meetings.

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